About us

WIBAKO was founded in 1989 and is currently one of the leaders in the segment of suppliers of parts for construction machinery. We regularly expand our product portfolio, services and sales markets, thanks to which parts purchased from us work in machines in almost 100 countries around the world.

The WIBAKO offer includes tens of thousands of parts, which mainly consist of power hydraulics (pumps, hydraulic motors, distributors, valves and many others), a wide range of internal combustion engines (both complete and parts), gearboxes, cylinders, coolers, components chassis, cabin elements. We offer our customers both new and used parts from all major manufacturers, among which you can distinguish, among others Atlas, Bosch, Case, Cummins, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Deutz, Komatsu, Isuzu, Liebherr, Volvo, Zeppelin, O&K, Mercedes, Perkins, Furukawa, Zettelmeyer.

In addition to a wide range of parts, we also offer our clients comprehensive repairs (pumps and hydraulic motors as well as internal combustion engines), each time preceded by thorough and thorough verification. We have specially adapted test stands at our disposal, where hydraulic pumps and engines as well as internal combustion engines are checked in conditions closest to those in which they work in construction machinery. This allows you to capture damage invisible to the human eye and thus we are able to offer accurate diagnostics and configuration. Thus, our customers can be sure that the service activities are supported by a reliable test, which is intended to ensure trouble-free operation during use in the machine.

Guided by the desire for continuous development, we have been providing mobile service services for several years (we have several professionally equipped service cars at our disposal), thanks to which we are able to carry out thorough diagnostics and appropriate repair at the customer's place relatively quickly, which obviously reduces the period machine downtime and thus saving money. If there is a need for a stationary service, the company also has a truck tractor that allows transport of large machines.

The greatest value of the company, however, are employees whose knowledge and competences are constantly developed, and extensive experience and professionalism provide professional advice and the ability to face even very complicated failures.

As a whole team, we strive to keep the name WIBAKO associated with quality and services at the highest level, because according to the company's motto, only by measuring high can you achieve the highest goals. For us, the most important goal since the beginning of the company is customer satisfaction, whose trust in us is very much appreciated but we also treat it as a commitment to further hard work.


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