Why original parts?

For owners of construction equipment, the uninterrupted and effective operation of their machines is important, because the degree of their reliability depends on the success of the work carried out and thus the company's reputation and prospects. Complete trouble-free operation is impossible in practice, because every device wears out regularly, which in turn leads to more or less expensive failures. There are many activities that have a direct impact on the life of the machines, such as regular servicing, oil and filter changes at appropriate intervals, or the capture of the slightest anomalies in the machine during ongoing work. Proper selection of the operator and systematic improvement of his qualifications is also very important. All these activities are of great importance for the safety and efficiency of work, but what should be emphasized - there are no indestructible devices. It is worth following the principle that by caring for machines we reduce the risk of failure.
Failure means downtime, which naturally results in problems arising from missed contracts and financial losses. There is a problem as to which company to entrust with repair and using which parts (original or substitutes) to carry out renovation. Because there is a lot of money involved, loss of reputation due to breach of contracts, and most importantly - subsequent safety during ongoing works, it is worth trusting a reputable, proven company in which people with the necessary experience, knowledge and who have the right tools at their disposal.
Construction equipment is more and more technologically advanced, and its proper functioning is directly connected with the use of high-quality original parts, which are designed and manufactured strictly for a given machine, thanks to which they are precisely matched and adapted to the loads assumed by the manufacturer. Substitutes are often made of inferior materials, which reduces their strength.
 hydraulic pump
It is a common mistake to think that buying substitutes is associated with lower costs. Not only does it not have to, but very often it is just the opposite. While the unit price of the variable part is usually lower, in the long run, taking into account the need to replace it several times, the total cost of such repair will turn out to be higher than on the original parts. The lower price of spare parts usually results from the fact that their quality is also lower than that of the original components. Saving on quality is never a good option.
Most importantly - since the quality of substitutes is usually lower than the original parts, it necessarily has a direct impact on the safety of people in the vicinity of ongoing works. Life and human health are the most important values ​​and such belief should be guided by those who decide on the choice of parts for renovation.
The warranty of a given machine or component is usually combined with the obligation to use original parts. If substitutes are used, the consequence is usually a refusal of a free repair, so the initially assumed savings may simply be more expensive.
Thanks to many years of experience and the trust our partners place in us, we are able to offer our clients attractive prices at a wide range of parts. By choosing WIBAKO services, you choose reputation, high quality and proven origin of the offered parts.
If you have any questions, please contact the company's sales department, and sales advisors will be happy to help you.


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